Dr Afzhal

Dr Ghazala Afzal MRCPsych        
Diplomate American Board of Child Psychiatry
Diplomate American Board of Psychiatriy Neurology

Dr Afzal is a Consultant in Child, Adolescent and Family
Psychiatry. She currently practices at The Priory Hospital in North London and Capio Nightingale Hospital in Marylebone.

She trained and qualified in Psychiatry in USA,
Downstate Medical Centre, New York. And in UK at the
Maudsley Hospital, Institute of Psychiatry, Tavistock
Clinic, all institutions of excellence.

She was a Consultant in the NHS for many years in
what is now known as South London and Maudsley
NHS Foundation Trust. Adolescent and Child Protection
Services in Lambeth (SL&M, NHS Trust)Medical Advisor,
Child Psychiatry Services at Capio Nightingale Hospital.

In New York she worked as Head of Department at
Nassau County Medical Center. Dr Afzal also held
teaching appointments as  Assistant Professor of Clinical
Psychiatry at Stony Brook State University, and Clinical
Instructor, Department of Psychiatry, Cornell University,
New York.

She has a wide understanding of development,
psychology and pathology as illustrated by her invited
Lectures at national and local hospital  meetings in USA
and UK, and has publications on diverse topics such as:

Depression in young children and adolescents
Epidemiological study and follow-up of individuals with
Mental Retardation and Autism, The Frequency of
Fragile X Chromosome in this group :Research with
Professor Rutter Comparison of instruments HBS
(Wing) & ADI [Rutter] in the diagnosis of Autism
Participation in DSM IV Diagnostic International Field
Trial of Autism
Family Therapy & Attachment Theory
Children of Homosexual and Heterosexual Single  Mothers
A case study ‘Sexual Development of the Adolescent
Daughter of a Homosexual Mother’
Psychiatric Aspects of Trans-sexualism, Issues Facing
Transsexual Parents and their children
Social and psychological Implications of Genetic 
testing, Amniocentesis Issues for parents Related to
Death of a Child Afflicted with Genetic Disease
Discipline and Aggression in Average Families
Primary Prevention and parenting , a Model Public
School program for Toddlers,
Entrancement of the Mother with her Young Baby:
Implications for the Older Sibling