I have a comprehensive understanding of development, psychology and pathology, as illustrated by my publications and lectures on diverse topics such as:
Depression in young children and adolescents
Epidemiological study and follow-up of individuals with Autism and Learning disability,

The Frequency of Fragile X Chromosome in this group : Research with Professor Rutter

Comparison of instruments HBS(Wing) & ADI [Rutter] in the diagnosis of Autism

Participation in DSM IV Diagnostic International Field Trial of Autism Family Therapy & Attachment Theory (Dr John Byng Hall )

Children of Homosexual and Heterosexual Single  Mothers A case study ‘Sexual Development of the Adolescent Daughter of a Homosexual Mother’

Psychiatric Aspects of Trans-sexualism, Issues Facing Transsexual Parents and their children

Social and psychological Implications of Genetic testing, Amniocentesis, Issues for parents Related to Death of a Child Afflicted with Genetic Disease

Discipline and Aggression in Average Families

Primary Prevention and parenting, a Model Public School program for Toddlers,

Entrancement of the Mother with her Young Baby: Implications for the Older Sibling