The Services offered  by the Practice &  Description of the work

A. Out- Patient Treatment

1)  An assessment is useful when a young person presents changes in
Behaviour (i.e. Social problems, Difficulties with authority, strange thoughts)
Mood (i.e. sadness, anxiety, panic)
Functioning (i.e. Change in  school performance in academics)

Some of the  Conditions* and problems that could be causing the difficulties are:
Depression, School Refusal , Anxiety Disorders, Adjustment Reaction to Trauma & loss, Eating Disorders like Anorexia /Bulimia ,Medical Conditions, Psychosis, Affective Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, Drug Misuse , Autism & spectrum disorders, learning problems, Attention Deficit Disorders

2)   After the Assessment, if needed, further investigations  can be organized:
    • Psychological Assessment
    • Educational Assessment
    • Family Assessment, as needed
    • Medical Investigations as needed.  (Physical examination, blood tests, EEG, MRI)

3)   Liaison with schools , GP,  and any other relevant agencies as needed

4)  Communication and feedback  in the form of a letter or report.

5) Treatment
This is based on  the needs of the individual, guided by the presenting problems.
Some of  the treatment modalities recommended on an as needed basis used by Dr Afzal and in conjunction with her  team of  Mental Health Professionals are

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Psychodynamic  and Supportive Psychotherapy
  • Medication
  • Family work as needed
  • Educational Consultation as needed

B. In- Patient Treatment

If the problems presented by the young person can not be safely managed in the home, school, or the community, Hospital inpatient treatment is offered .

C. Day Hospital  Treatment
If the young person is unable to attend school/job  due to the illness/condition, presents  no risks regarding  safety  , the child can still sleep at home while attending the Day Hospital  which provides structure and occupation. The treatment approach includes input from a psychiatrist, psychologist, education, occupational therapist, nursing, psychotherapy, family work, liaison with school and other community links .It gives time and space for the child and family to recover before starting a full routine.

D. Medico legal Assessments
Assessments and reports for Courts, as Expert Witness
Parenting Assessment :mental illness of parents/ Child Abuse, Divorce and Custody
Assessment of Developmental Disorders or Mental Illness: In Criminal Cases
Post traumatic stress related to loss, accidents , death.

*Facts for Families is a  useful brief guide on  childhood disorders